Indigenous Peoples Movement presents “Indigenous Votes 2020 Unity Fest” Coming 2020.






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Globally Indigenous Peoples are under attack. Whether it’s our human and social rights or it’s the attack of our traditional homelands. Indigenous Peoples Movement gathered in Washington DC Jan 2019 as we united our voices from turtle island to Australia and every place in between that our ancestral prophecies will he fulfilled with the Indigenous Peoples March.

In May 2019 Indigenous Peoples Movement gathered over 200 people for our first annual conference to convene on the next steps of empowerment, education, organizing and how to fight for freedom, justice and equality more effectively together.

What’s next ?
In 2020 their is a huge political fight that will happen in America as potential candidates from various political parties will run for the seat as President of the United States as well as other political positions. Where do Indigenous people stand in their platforms ?

Indigenous peoples movement coalition will gather tribes, organizations, leaders, grassroots organizers, influencers and our communities to register our people to vote so we can ensure that our voices and our rights matter.

Leading to Indigenous Votes 2020 Unity Fest, we will register people to vote and educate on what each candidates policies are on and how they affect or help indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Votes 2020 Unity Fest will be a day of edutainment with vendors, live performances from national to traditional performers. We will invite political candidates that want to stand with indigenous peoples not just nationally but globally.