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Nikki Sanchez

Topics of Interest: Decolonization, Deconstructing Whiteness, Indigenous Feminism, Indigenous Media, Media and Documentary film as a form of Advocacy, Environmental Advocacy, Youth Empowerment, Wilderness and Mental Health, Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, Indigenous Eco-Tourism

Areas of Experience: Decolonial Education, Indigenous Filmmaking, Cross-cultural healing, Environmental Activism, Curriculum development, The politReconciliationliation, Leadership Training, Sexual Violence Prevention 

Nikki Sanchez is a Pipil/Maya and Irish/Scottish academic, Indigenous media maker and environmental educator. Nikki holds a masters degree in Indigenous Governance and is presently completing a Ph.D. with a research focus on emerging visual media technology as it relates to Indigenous ontology. She is currently overseeing the first ever Indigenous Storyteller edition with Telus STORYHIVE; a project to provide funding and mentorship for 30 emerging Indigenous filmmakers in BC and Alberta. For the past two years, Nikki has been the David Suzuki Foundation’s "Queen of Green" ( where her work centered on environmental journalism, social media and digital media creation to provide sustainable solutions for a healthy planet, as well as content creation to bring more racial and gender inclusivity into the environmental movement. As an Indigenous media maker, Nikki's most recent project is the 8-part documentary VICELAND series “RISE” focused on global Indigenous resurgence. RISE was debuted at Sundance in February 2017 and has received global critical acclaim, recently winning "best documentary" at the Canadian screen awards. Along with working as a wilderness guide and environmental educator in Nuu-chah-nulth territory of Clayoquot Sound for over 10 years, Nikki has also been teaching and facilitating decolonization and anti-oppression training for the past five years for universities, corporations, and NGOs. She is the creator and director of "Decolonize Together" a collective of Indigenous women who offer decolonial and inclusivity workshops and curriculum creation. Nikki is also a TEDx speaker, who's most recent presentation was entitled "Decolonization is for Everyone". 


YoNasDa (Yo-Naja-Ha) LoneWolf

Areas of interest / Topics of Experience: Native American Spirituality, Activism, Motherhood, Social Justice, Cultural Empowerment and Education, Men and Women Empowerment, Youth Leadership, Domestic Violence, Connecting with Mother Earth- Spiritual Retreats, Entertainment, Intersectionality Organizing

YoNasDa (Yo-Naja-Ha) LoneWolf was born during the American Indian Movement's Longest Walk in Washington, DC. She is Oglala Lakota and African American. Her late mother, a Lakota (Sioux) Wauneta Lonewolf was a renowned motivational speaker, substance abuse, gang prevention counselor and healer. Her father, who is African American, is a fine artist.

Queen YoNasDa is a living example of the saying “No Nation Can Rise Higher Than Its Woman”. Currently, she is a National Community Organizer/Human Rights Activist and a motivational speaker. Being self-driven she is living her divine calling from her early beginnings in the entertainment industry as a rap artist and choreographer for BET’S own Teen Summit to her most recent work as an active activist and a voice against any injustice that affects people worldwide. She has used entertainment to bring awareness on the condition of oppressed people whether it's releasing two albums and touring with Wutang Clan or performing at the Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow and Festival she walks in many cultural paths.

YoNasDa Lonewolf is a woman with a purpose of promoting love, justice and equality. 
Read more about her here.


Queen Muhammad Ali

Areas of interest / Topics of Experience: Creative and Educational Filmmaking, Visual Anthropology, Strategies for Social Change, Cultural Development and Appreciation, Grassroots Community Organizing, Leadership Development, Social Media Marketing, Cultural Exhibitions, Curriculum Development

Queen Muhammad Ali is an award winning film Director,  Television producer, and visual anthropologist. Queen's Great Grandfather and and later her Great uncle both served the people of American Samoa as Paramount Chiefs (Kings). In continuing the tradition of serving the Island Ali is an advocate for revitalizing the knowledge of indigenous foods and ancient Samoan pharmacopeia to combat diabetes and obesity. Ali's film #Bars4Justice starring Common and Talib Kweli was screened twice at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Glasgow Scotland, Beijing China, and Tiapapata Art center in Apia, Samoa. Recognized internationally for her research on the negative images and stereotypes of original people, she has been requested to lend her expertise to universities and organizations across the globe.

Winner of ArtPlace America 2017 
Winner of Best Short Documentary 24th annual PAFF February 
Mutianyu Fellowship Residency Awardee Beijing, China
Selected guest speaker at MoMA's 2017 Doc fortnight
Winner 2017 ISF Film Grant / Scholarship Recipient

Brenda Golden

Topics of Interest:
Racism against Indigenous People, Tribal Law and Justice, Tribal Sovereignty, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman

Areas of Experience: Institutionalized Racism and Indigenous People, Eugenics and Indigenous People, Police Shootings and Incarceration Rates of Indigenous People, Tribal Law and Sovereignty, Indigenous People’s Day, Environmental Racism and Indigenous People and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. 

Brenda Golden is an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.  She has a Bachelor's in Business Administration in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration both conferred from the University of Oklahoma.  Brenda graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law with a Juris Doctor.  She has previously worked to increase public awareness on such issues as saving sacred sites, racism by police and in the justice system, female incarceration in Oklahoma and abolishing celebration of 89er days and the land-run re-enactments in public schools. She has been a source of information in independent media as hostess of Womyns Warrior Talk and Red Town Radio from 2009 to 2016 and writing as the Oklahoma City Native American Examiner from 2008 to 2013.  She is co-founder of the Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Treaties (S.P.I.R.I.T.), continues community organizing and activism and currently operates her own law office, Golden Legal Services, PLLC in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. 



Joey Morales

Areas/Topics: …focus is analysis of, and advocacy concerning, undocumented immigrants and their ties with indigenous identities.

Joey Morales is an indigenous activist from Pueblo Pijao, an indigenous community in Tolima, Colombia. He critiques the United States and sympathetic hemispheric post-colonial governments as comprising a colonial empire that labels the continents' oldest communities as foreigners. During the Indigenous Peoples March, he was able to transport elders and students alike to Washington D.C. His goal is to unite the Condor and the Eagle by creating unity between indigenous nations of North, Central, and South america, which is an Inca Prophecy stating that once the nations of the north and south fly together as one again real liberation will occur. He also hopes to encourage the modern person to start caring about the land they inhabit, whether or not they are native to said land. 


S.A. Lawrence-Welch

Speciality:Surviving The Aftermath Of Boarding Schools, Residential Schools, & The 60’s Scoop.”

Areas/Topics: Intergenerational Trauma: The Canadian Residential School System & Indian Boarding Schools & The 60’s Scoop; Indigenous Youth in Foster Care/Wards of the System; Rediscovering Cultural Connection; Being Mixed Indigenous - Who Am I, And Where Do I Belong?

S.A. Lawrence-Welch is a Plains Cree/Métis artist, activist and speaker. She grew up in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, on Treaty 6 Territory. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon (Chinook & Clackamas Land). Her main focus of work and art is on the lasting damage The Residential School System left on the Indigenous population of Canada. Her goal is to reconnect people with their culture, and begin the process of healing through community building. She advocates for those who suffer from intergenerational trauma – and educates those who are ignorant to it.

Her philosophy is “reparations instead of reconciliation”. 


Juliet Diaz

Areas of Interest: Environment, Healing & Protecting Our Earth.

Topics of Experience: Environment, Water Protection, Womens Rights, Taino Peoples.

Juliet Diaz, a hereditary healer and seer from a long line of indigenous healers from Cuba, she is indigenous Taino and her practice revolves around Earth medicine and Magick. She is the owner of November Sage Apothecary & and the online school Tierra Sagrada. She's a healer, seer, herbalist, and mother. Known as the Plant Whisperer for her abilities as a natural healer and gift of communicating with plants, trees, nature spirits.  Signs of her natural gifts like healing, energy reading, communication with spirit & other realms shined through at the age of 3. She believes Magick lives within us all. She feels passionate about bringing truth to this mundane world and inspiring others to step into their truth. She is  extremely active with activism, bringing awareness on topics like environmental issues, protecting and healing our Earth, rights of indigenous peoples, and women's rights.