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The Indigenous Peoples Movement is working towards decolonizing and
re-indigenizing our peoples and nations. Please take a moment to look at our current campaigns, and campaigns we support.

From a signature to actions, community involvement is key to indigenous liberation.

If you would like your campaign to be featured on our website, please email us with details at indigenouspeoplesmovement@gmail.com with the subject; “Campaigns.”




Mazaska Talks, Seattle People's Party and 350 Seattle are calling on Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes to sue the fossil fuel industry for knowingly causing global warming. Can you support our efforts by signing on to our letter to City Attorney Holmes?

Link To Petition & Full Letter.

Action Network Petition
& Information Here.



Help the Duwamish Tribe protect a sacred site, Licton Springs.

Link To Petition & Full Letter.

Article By Matt Remle.